Vocational Swedish

Are you experienced within a certain profession? You might not have worked at all, or only worked a little in Sweden. On our Vocational Swedish course you learn the Swedish you need to work in your chosen profession, or to allow you to go on to further studies in Sweden. Parts of the course can be carried out at a workplace alternated with theory lessons at Eductus.

SFI/Swedish for immigrants

Learn Swedish! We offer various kinds of courses in the Swedish language. If you are new to Sweden, we offer the Swedish for immigrants (SFI). We also offer Swedish as a Second Language (SAS) at both basic and intermediate level.

Training, starting up a business or getting a job
Do you need to supplement your skills to get the job you want or get on a course? We also offer various services that can help you enter the employment market in Sweden. With us you can go on a course, get support with looking for a job or help starting your own company. Contact us and we’ll tell you more about what we can offer at a location near you.
Be successful in Sweden!
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Looking for a new job? It doesn’t matter whether you are currently unemployed or you have a job but want to move on to something new, we can help you.

We have short and effective vocational courses for people who are looking for work and registered with Arbetsförmedlingen (Public Employment Service). Our supervisors and coaches have a great deal of experience and a broad network of business contacts.

We can help you find out which jobs you are suited to and how to apply for them. You will learn how to enhance your CV and how to prepare for a job interview. Together we will come up with a plan to help you achieve your goals!

Find out more here about the Support and Matching service.