Vocational Swedish

Are you experienced within a certain profession? You might not have worked at all, or only worked a little in Sweden. On our Vocational Swedish course you learn the Swedish you need to work in your chosen profession, or to allow you to go on to further studies in Sweden. Parts of the course can be carried out at a workplace alternated with theory lessons at Eductus.

SFI/Swedish for immigrants

Learn Swedish! We offer various kinds of courses in the Swedish language. If you are new to Sweden, we offer the Swedish for immigrants (SFI). We also offer Swedish as a Second Language (SAS) at both basic and intermediate level.

Training, starting up a business or getting a job
Do you need to supplement your skills to get the job you want or get on a course? We also offer various services that can help you enter the employment market in Sweden. With us you can go on a course, get support with looking for a job or help starting your own company. Contact us and we’ll tell you more about what we can offer at a location near you.
Be successful in Sweden!
Eductus offices

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Support and Matching

Looking for a new job or considering starting a course? Then Support and Matching (Stöd och matchning) is a service that could help you move forward. As a jobseeker we offer you the tools you need to achieve your personal goals. You can get access to Support and Matching at Eductus via Arbetsförmedlingen (Public Employment Service).

About Support and Matching

Support and Matching is an initiative that is customised to each individual’s needs. Together with our experienced supervisors we come up with a solution just for you. We conduct a careful analysis of you as an individual in order to match you with the jobs or courses you are interested in. We use the behaviour assessment tool DISC to facilitate your job hunt.

What does Support and Matching lead to?

  • Jobs – if you are looking for a job, Support and Matching is the perfect service for you. Our supervisors have a great deal of expertise and experience, and they know what is needed in order to get you out into the world of work.
  • Studies – if you are interested in studying, then our knowledgeable study and guidance counsellors are ready to help you find the right course.
  • Contact with employers – through us you can find out about our broad and established network of business and employer contacts.

Who is Support and Matching for?

Support and Matching is for people who have been looking for work for some time. We also provide language support for people who do not yet have a full command of the Swedish language, as well as extra support for individuals who need it.

What previous knowledge do I need?

You do not need any specific previous knowledge, but you must be registered with Arbetsförmedlingen (Public Employment Service) and complete your application through them.

Why choose Eductus?

  • We offer you the tools you need to achieve whatever goals are right for you.
  • Our broad network of business and employer contacts gives you the chance to get a foot in the door at a real workplace.
  • Nine out of ten jobseekers who have participated recommend our service.

How to apply:

Talk to your case worker at Arbetsförmedlingen.